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Specialty Shops: Imagine That!

In years gone by, the holidays brought gifts that allowed children to create their own world of fun and learning. Many mourn the passing of that time, lost to a high-tech era of solitary pursuits in front of a screen. But the Gaffer District has a spot that celebrates the purity of active young minds and the world they can create.

The motto of the Imagine That! Shop is "all children are creative souls." is simple philosophy disputes the modern interpretation of play and turns the clock back to a time when imagination was king.

For twenty-five years, Imagine That! and owners Tom and Ginny Coon have offered a menu of toys, puzzles, games, and books that encourage children to turn the electronic devices off and turn their brains on. As Ginny says, "Play helps children learn about the world and their place in it."

A visit is like stepping into a memory of a simpler time. Hands-on activities abound. Kids flop on the floor and push construction vehicles, making their own sound effects. Wooden blocks, dolls in satin gowns, board games of skill and chance, all help to develop eye-hand coordination, a sense of fair play, and how to work together.

Remember your own joy at the first art project that came out exactly as you had envisioned it? Or the wonder of discovery when a science experiment did something so cool? Those moments still happen at Imagine That!

Imagine That! also carries an extensive line of high-quality clothes, shoes, and gymnastics and dance wear for children. Durable, stylish, and fun, the shop keeps kids active and comfortable in the classroom, the playground, and the occasional tree house. For the adults who have to keep up them, there are grown-up sizes of many of the exercise and dance outfits.

Continue a family tradition, or start a new one. Introduce the little ones in your life to laughter that runs on brainpower, not battery power. A visit to Imagine That! during the holiday season provides youngsters with a great opportunity to research those all-important Christmas wishes—good news, indeed, for any of Santa's helpers looking for hints.

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