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BodyMind Wellness Healing Center (Peg Davis, MS, CRT)

Peg Davis offers clients from all over the country a variety of dynamic, transformational therapies (including holistic counseling, hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, Reiki energy medicine, aromatherapy, Feng Shui) honoring the intraconnected physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Corning, nestled in the beautiful and nourishing Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and Athens, Pennsylvania. Assisting people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing, Peg helps clients connect with their own inner wisdom, removing blocks to their success and creating the life they desire.

How do you navigate change in life? How can you discover, rediscover, what matters most to you? How are you using your gifts, expressing your passions, creating the life you desire?

As a coach and counselor for over 23 years, I have had the joy of helping others create positive change in their lives. Enlisting the expertise of a personal or professional coach can enhance and improve your work, relationships, health, lifestyle and ease of transition through life's many challenges.

I will work with you to design a strategy FOR YOU, as we explore the best choices for you based on where you are and what you want to accomplish. Not with cookie cutter questionnaires or generic plans, but with objectivity, guidance and support every step of the way for what you wish to change or create.

BodyMind Wellness Healing Center (Peg Davis, MS, CRT)
23 W. Market St., Ste. 209 Corning, NY 14830
(607) 738-1454
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