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CD Cafe

There is something about an old-fashioned record store. Maybe it's the smell. The smell of cardboard record covers and dusty vinyl. Maybe it's the feeling of being able to touch the music; something you can't do anymore due to the explosion of digital music. Maybe it's the memories that come flooding back. The memories of your parents or grandparents lifting a record out of the case and lowering the needle. We don't know what makes a record store unique to you, but we know what makes it unique to us. We're just music people. We love listening to it, explaining it and of course selling it. Sure we're proud of our collection, but a collection is meant to be shared with the world.


Here at the CD Cafe, you'll find everything you're looking for. Golden oldies, rock and roll, classical tracks and country twang. You'll find the records you listened to in the 60's and the CDs you jammed to in the 80's. You'll find what your parents found acceptable and what you and your friends listened to in the woods with the car headlights on and the stereo up. And if you don't find it, we'll find it for you.


The CD Cafe also offers a wide range of video games from every age of gaming. We have vintage Nintendo systems, all generations of PlayStation, X-box, and Gameboy as well as Atari and Gamecube.


The CD Cafe isn't a new idea. We've been in Corning before. That's why we had the confidence to move back into the area after being gone for several years. The new CD Cafe offers the same items as the old CD cafe with records, CDs, DVDs, gaming systems, sound systems and of course, coffee. That's what makes the CD Cafe a cafe. We love coffee almost as much as we love music because like our music, our coffee is unique and rich.

CD Cafe
10 W Market St, Corning, NY 14830
(607) 973-2790
Hours of Operation:

Sunday 12PM-5PM
Monday 12–8PM
Tuesday 12–8PM
Wednesday 12–8PM
Thursday 12–8PM
Friday 12–8PM
Saturday Closed

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