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Crystal Heart Yoga

Crystal Heart Yoga at 15 East Pulteney Street! Parking on Bridge, Ontario, and back Pulteney parking lot!

A newly renovated yoga studio! A home for yoga at 15 East Pulteney Street. Yoga classes, private yoga, small group private yoga, and meditation. The need to create Crystal Heart Yoga became clear as the Founder, Elizabeth Moses, began to look for an appropriate space for a Yoga Therapy office in Corning. Years ago she looked at spaces for a studio, even looking at the amazing brick building that has now become the home of Crystal Heart Yoga. Though she was prepared to teach in the theoretical studio she envisioned, the task of building the business required to prepare and sustain a physical space for students was a bit too big in that moment. A parent to three young children, Elizabeth simultaneously sought to strengthen and broaden her skill set as a yoga teacher, so she set aside the idea of studio creation.... temporarily. In 2019, a host of changes brought the clear need for a respite-like yoga space back into the foreground. Without a great, designated yoga space in Corning, she longed for a "sanctified" home for the practice and the work for her community. The list of musts for such a yoga home were not easy to meet: windows for natural light, close to the city center while fairly quiet, decent parking options, spacious, high ceilings, separate office for Yoga Therapy, spaces where students could change clothes, all in a building that had a nice look and energy. When Elizabeth saw the potential in 15 E Pulteney, she knew the time for waiting and planning had passed, and that the time for action had come. So was born Crystal Heart yoga, a fitting home for yoga in Corning, NY.

Crystal Heart Yoga
15 East Pulteney Street Corning, NY, 14830
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