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School and Group Tours

What does it take to design a commercial building? What would you include in your storefront? Elementary-level students from the Corning-Painted Post School District have the opportunity to work with local Historic Preservation Architect, Elise Johnson-Schmidt, in the Architectural Awareness Program, sponsored in part by Corning's Gaffer District. The program culminates in a special guided walking tour with Johnson-Schmidt and students, as they learn about the unique architectural features of our buildings and a bit about Corning's history, too!

Advocacy Toolbox

The National Trust for Historic Preservation: We're proud to keep the history of Corning alive. The National Trust for Historic Preservation works to preserve places like Corning's Gaffer District throughout the country. Through inspiring public support, this nonprofit organization assists in transforming the places we live into places we love.

NY Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation: Our downtown is one of many that shares a unique story of New York's heritage. NY Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation works to promote, maintain, and operate historic sites within the Empire State, continuing to tell the tales of days gone by.

Preservation League of New York State: The urge to advance revitalization is echoed across the entire state. The Preservation League of New York State serves as a unifying voice for historic sites and landscapes, as well as promoting economic development and educational programs to ensure our future has a past.

Buildings Alive Historic Walking Trial

A gaffer is a master glassblower, and the historic Gaffer District is named in honor of Corning's rich glass heritage. While this explains the name, it is our buildings that tell the story. We invite you to enjoy an entertaining, educational stroll along Historic Market Street as you delight in the history of our downtown. With this Historic & Architectural Walking Tour, our beauty is in the palm of your hands!


Rakow Library

What started as a collection of 500 books, catalogs, and periodicals has grown into the world's most comprehensive collection of materials on the art and history of glass and glassmaking at The Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library. Over 20 staff members are dedicated to collecting and preserving glass and collectively act as a wealth of knowledge for inquiring minds. We're fortunate to be the home of this expansive collection, and we invite you to explore the shelves the next time you're in the Gaffer District.

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