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Sunday, May 26th at 3-4:30pm, Riverfront Park Stage
May 26, 2019
3pm - 4:30pm
Sway on stage

Sway was founded by Andy Hilfiger and Ted Utz back in 2011 in Dave's basement...(who's Dave?). It didn't take long for these two lifetime musicians to get it together and reach out to a few other locals including the current line-up of Lou Young, Tory Ridder, Bruce Edwards and Mike Bishop. "Sway is spreading the word that R&R is alive and well! Rock n Roll & Blues is at the core of our original compositions and our unique list of classic cover songs." The band was named after that great song on The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers!
Based in Mamaroneck New York, Sway performs regularly in the New York area, with road trips to Upstate New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.
Sway is:
Andy Hilfiger - guitars, vocals and band leader
Ted Utz - bass guitar, vocals and band management
Tory Ridder - drums and School of Rock studio
Lou Young- lead vocals and percussion
Mike Bishop - keyboards and logistics
Tom Nelson - solo guitar

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