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Gaffer District Policies

Snow Removal Policies and Responsibilities

Doing Business in Upstate N.Y. means that we need to deal with unknown amounts of snowfall. While the fluffy stuff can be picturesque, the accumulation can be a nightmare for our pedestrians and customers. In order to maintain a safe environment during the winter season, this document outlines the roles and responsibilities of each of us to keep our sidewalks safe and clean during and after a snowfall.

Building Owner's Responsibilities:

Building owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks free and clear of snow and ice. (Code of the City of Corning)

Building Owners' and First Floor Business Owners' Responsibilities:

Building owners and business owners are urged to follow correct procedures when piling snow in the snow storage area of the sidewalk – snow should be mounded around the trees. This minimizes the amount of snow placed where the sidewalk is open for passage of pedestrians from vehicles.

Snow must never be placed in the street until notification is received that a pick-up will take place that day/evening.

Rock salt should NEVER be used on the bricks.

Property and business owners are urged to use only an ice melter, such as Safe Step Power 4300 Dual Blend Blue Ice Melt available at Corning Building Company.

Corning's Gaffer District's Responsibilities:

The Gaffer District underwrites the cost of plowing a single blade width along District sidewalks. This includes clearance of crosswalks both at corner intersections and at mid-block crossings. Snow will be placed along the curb within the three-foot area beginning at the curb which is designated for snow storage. This area is the same used by the City for storage of snow from the street.

The Gaffer District will coordinate the removal of snow piles in the snow storage area as necessary (approx. 2 – 3 times a yr.). This removal will be coordinated with the City of Corning's Department of Public Works (DPW) so that the snow, once placed in the street, can be removed by the Department.

Upon notification from the DPW that a date has been selected for removal of snow from the District, Corning's Gaffer District's staff will notify the businesses within the District.

Snow removal timing throughout the city, including the Gaffer District, will be dependent upon weather conditions and operational resources, which play
significant roles in storm recovery. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated as together we deal with the unpredictability of winter weather.

We require appropriate safeguards to protect the surface of the brick sidewalks, including rubber-tipped blades for equipment coming in contact with the sidewalks. Snow will not be removed from three feet on either side of the trees to minimize the risk of damage to the trees.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and pleasant District for our pedestrians and customers.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Corning's Gaffer District's Maintenance Crew is only responsible for snow and ice removal from the following properties: Centerway Parking Garage, Centerway Square, the Transportation Center sidewalks, Centerway Walking Bridge and the brick area between the Clock Tower and the Parking Garage. It is not the responsibility of the Gaffer Crew to treat or clean the public sidewalks.

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