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Historic Corning

Corning's Gaffer District invites you to join us in a celebration of our rich history.

Historic Corning


Education Opportunities

Corning may be the most fun classroom of them all! Opt for an interactive tour led by a preservation architect, or spend an afternoon brushing up on history in the world's most extensive library dedicated to the art of glassmaking. Explore our variety of education opportunities and enjoy delving deeper into the past of Corning's Gaffer District.



Buildings Alive

Uncover the stories laid within the bricks of our buildings. A leisurely stroll down Historic Market Street will lead you to discover a vibrant living history and gain an increased appreciation for the architecture engulfing us.



Preservation & Restoration

As other communities destroyed their downtowns after the flood of 1972, Corning restored, preserved, and revitalized into the dynamic destination we enjoy today. The Market Street Restoration Agency prides itself on its continuous efforts to maintain and improve the historical integrity of Corning's Gaffer District.



Featured Landmarks

Crystal City's heritage is proudly displayed throughout our downtown. These landmarks adorn the areas surrounding our streets, serving as visual references to times gone by. Delight in their beauty and learn the unique memories they preserve of our city's past.



Building Owner Resources

We're here to help! The steadfast stewards of our buildings are vital players in the continuous improvement of our downtown. Learn more about the services we offer to help maintain your piece of Corning's past with ease.


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Summer on Market Street
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