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Bon Appetit Dining Trail

Bon Appetit Magazine celebrates the Gaffer District as one of the most exciting and innovative culinary destinations in the world!

Bon Appetit Dining Destination

Our restaurants are proud to be a celebrated part of the Appalachian Trail Bon Appetit Dining Destinations list, there are so many delicious reasons to taste your way through Corning's Gaffer District. At any given time there are nearly 50 restaurants to please your palate including homemade scrumptious baked goods, freshly made artisan salads, award-winning burgers, BBQ, steaks and so much more.  The hardest choice will be where to dine if you are looking for a truly unique farm to table dining experience or something to go for a picnic in our beautiful Centerway Square. Perhaps an ice cream for a stroll on the extraordinary Centerway Walking Bridge suspended over the river with a surrounding valley view that will captivate you, therefore, we recommend you grab extra napkins! See below for the press release, and click on "EAT" at the top of the page to find your next Bon Appetit dining destination! Or for a print-friendly PDF click here!


Corning's Gaffer District is proud to announce that it is a top culinary destination by the Bon Appetit Appalachia program!


Bon Appetit Appalachia is a national program that celebrates the local farms, foods and flavors of the Appalachian Mountain region. The Appalachian region extends throughout 13 states on the East Coast, from Alabama and North Carolina to Ohio and New York, and the Gaffer District is pleased to have been chosen as a celebrated representative for our surrounding areas.


In addition to being mentioned as a top destination in New York State, the Gaffer District is also named as a top culinary travel destination for festivals and events throughout the entire Appalachian region, an honor reserved for only 39 other locations along the East Coast.


According to Bon Appetit Appalachia organizers, "The list of honorees celebrates one of the most exciting and innovative culinary destinations in the world. It serves as an introduction - a taste - of Appalachia's distinctive local food destinations and the farmers, food producers, chefs and entrepreneurs that have committed themselves to local food craft and tradition."


The Gaffer District would like to take this opportunity to thank the restaurants and local food producers that have made this honor a possibility.


"We are beyond proud of this recognition," said Coleen Fabrizi, Executive Director of Corning's Gaffer District, "In turn, we'd like to honor the restaurants who have worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the Gaffer District continues to be an excellent culinary hot spot. It is their effort and dedication that has made this achievement possible."


"I love owning a restaurant on Market Street," added Laura Dickerman of Finger Lakes Chocolates at The Source (85 W. Market St.), a locally-sourced cafe and juice bar. "We have the best customers and they, along with the rich history and inviting atmosphere of the Corning area, are what make me want to open my doors every morning to serve the best local foods I can."


The commitment of the restaurants to provide the best local culinary experience has contributed immensely to earning this accolade. It is with such dedication, that the Gaffer District has been selected as a top travel destination for festivals and events, in such a highly reputable culinary atmosphere.


A copy of the Bon Appetit Appalachia map of celebrated locations will be distributed nationally in several travel publications. For more information on the program and map, please follow the link here:


Please find the link to the Gaffer District's individual listing here:

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