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IMPORTANT Message from Corning City Council

Mayor Boland has asked the Gaffer District to share this important message.

Important Message from Corning City Council

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mayor Boland has asked the Gaffer District to share this important message.

For the greater part of the Covid-19 pandemic, our community has been spared the worst of its wrath. Cases were extremely low, and deaths few. It’s understandable we may have felt a false sense of security. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Corning and surrounding communities, that situation has changed.

Our designation as a yellow cluster zone concerns us all. Anxiety, and even fear, are understandable. We have a few choices on how to handle it. We can let anxiety grip us or we can use it as motivation to beat back this outbreak. We can allow our anxiety to immobilize us or we can take that concern to drive us to take charge of our individual behaviors and resolve to do the things we know that will fight back this virus.

The measures central to controlling this outbreak, all of which are under our individual control, are by now well known to us. Wash our hands. Wear a mask. Social distance. Avoid large gatherings. These simple precautions work. With refreshed commitment let’s put them to work. The challenge is to ‘get back to basics.’ Let’s respond as the strong community we are by saying ‘yes’ to these basics. Let’s do it together; altogether.

As a community, we grieve the suffering and deaths of so many at the Corning Center, and elsewhere. We should do all we can to put further suffering behind us. We need to do it now and we need to be vigilant.

Particularly important during this time is direct, up-to-date information. Here again, are resources that will keep you informed:

City of Corning website:

Steuben County website:

New York State website:

Centers for Disease Control website:

Ending this outbreak is a challenge to our community as a whole. It’s a challenge we must accept, right here, right now. In meeting this challenge let us demonstrate our respect for one another and embrace our responsibility to do our part to keep each other safe and the virus at bay.

City of Corning City Council

City of Corning Board of Health  

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