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Pampered in Corning: Fringe

Hair salons have to find a balance. They want to be sleek, but not slick. Elegant, but not stuffy. Trendy, but not pretentious. Fringe, on Market Street, has embraced this challenge and, under owner/operator Kristina Rhodes, has found a styling sweet spot.


The salon is large, much more spacious than most, and features clear chairs for patrons, a bold opposite to the more-traditional black. They are from Italy, which is a nod to the Kristina's world-traveling resume. Huge standing mirrors lean against the walls, giving a client a full-range look of their new do.


The Florida native has cut hair in England, Tokyo, Australia, and points between. That background is one of the things that feeds her love of Corning.


"Corning is sophisticated and diverse. It's like a big city in a small, comfortable space."


Visitors from across various oceans are frequent customers while in town to train, learn, or conduct business. The age range is also broad, as is the range of occupations and lifestyles. "Our clients are students, farmers and lawyers, all ages, from kids to the elderly. There is much variety," Kristina says.


Though hairstyles have changed with each passing decade, Kristina reports that the current look is connected to our busy lifestyles. "People want a look that is natural and fuss-free, almost bohemian. No one has an hour every morning to spend dealing with their hair. They want to style and go."


Finding products to support that natural look brought Fringe to Aveda, since Kristina is a longtime believer in organic product use. Aveda offers an extensive line of skin and hair products that are used by the professionals at Fringe. Besides Aveda, Fringe carries R+Co along with Living Proof.


"There was no question for me that we would use Aveda. In fact, we are the only authorized salon with their products for forty miles. We have exclusive use." One of the major plusses of using Aveda products is their travel smart products line. Airline approved, these supplies have rescued many a trip for local executives and are a big hit as holiday gifts.


Learn more about Fringe by visiting their website, or check out their Facebook!

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