American Food in Downtown Corning

America was built on innovative spirit. That same spirit is an integral part of Corning's history. But, do you know what's more American -and tasty- than innovation? Burgers!

Throughout the Gaffer District, you'll find restaurants whipping up farm-to-table, freestyle burgers with unique twists to America's favorite thing to eat! Stop by Burgers and Beer for gourmet burgers, including the sloppy joe burger, the hangover burger, and the poutine burger. Take a stroll over to the Butcher's Son, and grab a burger made with organic, grass-fed, artisan meats. Or, head to The Cellar, where you can pair a burger with fine dining. 

American food in downtown Corning doesn't stop with burgers. So, whether you're in the mood for gourmet mac and cheese from Mooney's Sports Bar & Grill, chicken wings from Carey's Brew House, Tex-Mex from Boomers Burrito Bar, or something else, Corning's Gaffer District has you covered.

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