Coffee Shops in Downtown Corning

We can't think of anything quainter than dining at a café in historic downtown Corning. No matter if you're a coffee connoisseur or you just need a midday pick-me-up at work, the Gaffer District has a coffee shop for you. Take a stroll down our charming streets and discover 8 different cafés and coffee shops scattered throughout downtown Corning. 

Not sure which coffee shop to visit? Maybe you'll let the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans guide you to Market Street Coffee and Tea. Maybe the hand-crafted coffee flavors and the ethically sourced coffees at Soul Full Cup will draw you in. Or, maybe your palate is in the mood for the buttery croissants at Poppletons Bakery and Cafe or the delectable sweets at Laurabelle's A Scratch Bakery. Wherever you choose, you won't leave disappointed!

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