Award-wining Centerway Square

Did you know that Centerway Square has been named the "Best Public Square" in the United States by USA TODAY? We thought that was pretty neat too!

Located in the center of historic downtown Corning, Centerway Square adds a little bit of charm to your Gaffer District experience. With the Square's centerpiece clock tower, a covered stage, handicapped access, benches, cafe seating areas, and honey locust trees for shade - no wonder it's unrivaled by other downtowns!

Centerway Square is far more than just a picture-worthy spot in the center of the Gaffer District. Our award-winning square provides the perfect area to experience the true charm of downtown Corning.

Stop by during an event to discover live music, live glass blowing exhibits, and other live performances all year long. Or grab takeout from your favorite restaurant and dine in Centerway Square. Whatever you do, make sure to cherish the memories made in Corning's Gaffer District.