Top things to do in Corning, NY

Explore the city where life-changing innovation meets small-town charm. Known as America's Crystal City, Corning's rich history of all things glass is revealed with every step you take. From Corning's innovative role in the design of the Edison Lightbulb to the awe-inspiring creations found at the Corning Museum of Glass, you'll discover how Corning's rich history of glass production has not only shaped our downtown but the world! Our love for the arts doesn't stop there. As you explore downtown Corning, you'll find a vibrant arts scene filled with over 100 pieces of public art, family-owned galleries, and the Rockwell Museum, the only Smithsonian Affiliate in Upstate New York.

Think we're just about glass? Think again! Take a stroll through Corning's Gaffer District and discover a downtown where charming brick sidewalks and old-timey street lamps meet boutique shopping, where historic buildings house award-winning restaurants, and where small-town feel blends with a vibrant schedule of events. Would you like a guided tour of our beloved and historic downtown? We have that too!

So, whether you're staying in the Gaffer District for a day, a week, or more, you'll never experience a dull moment in "America's Most Fun Small Town!"